Outstanding programs ( without Comodo's ofcourse :-D )

I was just curiuos to know which programs you consider truly the best ones, the programs you LOVE and can’t live without them (:LOV). I think this would be a great way to share some of the best stuff. (:HUG) I know that there is a topic(s) about good and free programs but name only the best here :SMLR

Thanx :■■■■

P.S. If the topic is bad anyway - delete it :P0l

Well, without naming any Comodo products or any security products…

VLC Player - Plays all popular movie and audio formats. Pretty light on resources. I don’t want a flashy GUI, I want to listen to music!

VirtualBox - It’s cool to be able to run different OS’s and infect your machine, and then just restore it!

uTorrent - Light software for using the P2P-network. Won’t go in details for why I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

ImgBurn - Free software to create ISO files.

ClockGen - Software overclocking! Great software to find the maximum FSB for your PC! Without this, I would probably have to reset BIOS some more times :wink:


What type of programs
Freeware or …?

why don’t u create a poll with different categories etc.
this way it might be useful for other users to see how well a program is used etc.

Um. O.K. I’ll try (:AGL)

Doesn’t matter (:WIN)

About the poll thingy. :SMLR To start a voting session I need to put program names there. Like this :

Which torrent client is the best in your opinion:

1 BitComet
2 BitTorrent
3 uTorrent
4 BitLord
5 Etc
6 Etc
7 Other Client

But the problem is I have to know those programs to write them down (:TNG) All I want from this topic is to know the opinions of people on programs which they consider genius ones.

For example - uTorrrent in my opinion is the best torrent client ever. Light, clear, fast and simple to use, without adverts and shi…t (:LGH)

Sorry for my bad English again (:SHY)

Ok. Then I 'll start with my must have paid ones:
FirtsDefense-ISR workstation (discontinued) from http://leapfrogsoftware.com/ (http://www.raxco.com/ and http://www.horizondatasys.com/ were the resellers of this beauty). Some features (Instant restoration, multiboot manager, image(archive) capabilities.

Rollback RX from http://www.horizondatasys.com/ or EAZ-FIX from http://www.eazsolution.com/ .These two are the same product/different branding. Another instant restore application and imaging program.

Shadow Defender from http://www.shadowdefender.com/ . A reboot to restore program. Similar to ReturnIl business http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/ .

DVDFab platinum from http://www.dvdfab.com/ .Great for making copies of your DVDs and your PS2 games. It has an intergrated converter so that you convert your DVDs to XVID,MP4, etc.

cFosSpeed http://www.cfos.de/speed/cfosspeed_e.htm . The best trafing shaping application.

Later will post my must have freewares. :■■■■

Let’s not forget that security software serves the purpose of keeping your computer secure, but there’s a point in that only if you use your computer for something else! :slight_smile:

So… Programs outside the security field that I use and find great:

ACDSee 3.1. I’ve heard that the latest versions of ACDSee have become bloated, but this little baby that came included with my scanner back at the time displays images faster that I could think about it. Also it includes some great basic editing/photoenhancing features.

If you’re looking for something free in the same efficient lightweight line, I’ve heard good things about FastStone’s software but I can’t vouch for it myself.

Foxit Reader. This one’s freeware. I can’t believe there are still so many people out there waiting those annoying seconds before a simple PDF is opened. Even before I tried any alternative, I already thought that Adobe Acrobat was unreasonably slow. Well Foxit reader is unreasonably fast! ;D And last time I checked (when I used Adobe’s freebie for the last time) it renders better too.

VideoLAN VLC media player. As Soya says it’s great, since Windows Media Player doesn’t include support for DVD 88) and other formats for free, this is the best alternative I know. I actually planned to replace it WMP as my default player for any format, but discovered that it’s not 100 per cent bug-free so I fell back to WMP for its supported formats and use VLC for DVDs. :slight_smile:

OpenOffice. Fully featured, does the job great. Can’t really compare its features with the latest versions of MS Office since the last I used extensively was 97, and thanks to OO I’m not missing MS’s solutions. Also I haven’t noticed any bugs, always work with OO’s native formats when possible. It’s not optimized for speed or resources, but neither is MSO, is it?

Opera. Of course! :wink: Simply the best Internet experience for me. Awesomely fast, fully featured, bug-free, efficient…

JkDefrag. Sooo much better and faster than Windows’ defragger.

WinRAR. Welll it’s the compressor I use and it works great, and supports lots of formats with no glitches whatsoever. Tried 7-Zip and I guess it’s great 99 per cent of the time, but it consistently crashed when trying to open one certain big ACE archive; WinRAR did the job so I dispelled my doubts and paid the very reasonable fee for a life-long licence.

Treepad - an outliner. The free versions for Linux and Windows can share the same database.
VLC media player
FastStone Capture
PowerPro - king of app launchers

The Bat!
Acronis True Image

As for ‘cannot live without’, I am migrating to Linux, so I’ll give up any and all of these. There is life outside Windows, after all ;D

No I didn’t. I prefer MPC because I only use FFDShow, which is the bare minimum to play any media format for my needs.

Freeware that do not require installation:

ICE Encrypt - “ICE Encrypt is a simple files/folder encrypting program. ICE Encrypt uses for encryption algorithm of the new generation - ICESafe. This is symmetric algorithm of encryption outperform all known symmetric block algorithms (DES, AES, BlowFish, GOST, …). ICESafe is not just new algorithm of encrypting. It’s a new ideology of protection of the information.”

DeepBurner Portable - Unpack it and burn Data/Audio CDs/DVDs for free.

WinDjView and MacDjView - “WinDjView is a fast, compact and powerful DjVu viewer for Windows with continuous scrolling and advanced printing options. It uses the free DjVuLibre library to decode DjVu documents.”

Hasher - “…Basic idea for this part of the project is to calculate hash/checksum for a file. Has a simple interface for comparing Hashes of two files dropped to the form sequentially, and it also can calculate a Hash for a string. Supported Hashes/Checksums: SHA1, MD5, CRC32, ELF, SUM64.”

mp3DirectCut - “mp3DirectCut is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files for audio editing.”

HD Tune - utility to monitor S.M.A.R.T. status of hard disks and display some useful info about them.

PageDefrag and Autoruns - no comments

Freeware that require installation:

ACLView - Super convinient management of DACL in Windows.

ICE Mirror - “This utility creates or maintains an exact duplicate of the original directory. ICE Mirror will compare the mirrored directory to the master directory and correct any disparities.”

Paid software:

FairStars Audio Converter - Reported by some people who i aware with and who do a lot of audio converting/processing as very stable and high-quality product.

ArchiCAD - No comments. Sorry, i cannot leave the list of best software without it :stuck_out_tongue:

I can live without any, but there are some that i either used or use which i consider great for a XP box:

Sysinternals suite
Nirsoft tools
ZSoft Uninstaller (best i ever used anyway)
Registrar Registry Manager
Old faithful - PEERGUARDIAN 2
Open Office
PDF-XChange Viewer / Sumatra :slight_smile:

Considering either paying for something like BING from Terabyte, or use a liveCD like PartedMagic.
I highlighted PG2 and GIMP for no particular reason :slight_smile: But they do rule.

Am… Could someone write down a clear explanation on how to use DosBox ? (:SHY) I would really want to remember those good ol’ times with Golden Axe, Lakers vs Celtics, Prince of Persia, Lotus 3… :‘( :’( :'(… sorry, brings back memories…where’s my glasses ? (:KWL)

Thanx in advance :■■■■

open it. type

mount c c:\whatever_your_games_path_is\the_game_you_want_to_play_directory



You are now in c:\whatever_your_games_path_is\the_game_you_want_to_play_directory but it only says c: (that’s what you mounted as DosBox’s C).

Now execute the game. This was an example, but it should work fine most of the times.

Thank you very much. I got it ! Just lauched Lakers vs Celtics :cry: ■■■■ how I missed the old games !!! :BNC

You play with Bulls, Lakers or Celtics? Or am i picturing the wrong version of the game? (i believe there were 2).

PS: one of the best of all times, along with Sensible Soccer.

I play with Celtics. (:LOV) BirdMan all the way. (:CLP) Also like Kareems hook :BNC and those spin dunks (:LGH) (:KWL)