Outpost Security Suite 7.5 RC

This new Outpost brings new features. Specially I am interested in the Apps Rating Feature which is included to help the user to deal with the popups. It rates the apps as Trusted, Good, Moderate, Malware, etc. I tried Outpost Firewall Pro RC & it was good with the installed apps in the system. I received only 1 with Moderate rating & that was a rare app so its good. All the other were rightly rated as trusted. I tried it with CLT & few harmless samples. It gave them good rating, maybe they are harmless samples & therefore they are rated as good. Anyone tried this with real malwares & checked how it rates them & is this feature really useful with real malwares? I dont know if it also rates anything unknown. So far whatever I tried I only saw trusted, good, moderate & spyware rating. I couldn’t find any tests on the latest RC on youtube.


Edit - On XP 32 SP3 when outpost is uninstalled it corrupts windows firewall i.e features in windows firewall are greyed out. System Restore solves the prob.