Outpost is Num. 1 in self-protection tests


The Comodo Team are doing something to invert this, and became the Nº1? (R)


well, first things first:
we don’t fail any of the tests (:WIN)
the difference between no 1 and no 3 is purely the way the author has classified them.

Also: The very important question of “stability” should be brought into equation. Let me explain: in order to achieve self protection you have to “hook” the system in many places. The more you hook, the more chance of instability. We hook, to my knowledge, minimum possible, compared to others, yet achieve same results in self protection (we don’t fail any) and have a much more stable product. So, Comodo is much more efficient and much more stable product compared to its competitors, yet achieving same or better security for the end users!


I forgot myself to mention the link source… ;D

Thanks for your explanation, Melih!

I’m glad to see that the Comodo Team take all this areas in consideration to make your products as good as possible…

(R) (V)

On the other hand Outpost, 3.xx aswell as 4.0, constantly crash and BSOD:s a fair amount of HT/multi processor computers during Internet activity. So far, i have yet to see Comodo do that ;D

Very true" :slight_smile:

Before I use Comodo PF, I used, by last used order, CHX-I, Outpost and ZoneAlarm, and only Outpost have problems with BSOD, even if they are very few…

Comodo PF is not perfect (anything is), but they are doing a great job as we can see on every new version released… :slight_smile:

A quote i read today at matousec…

[b]Outpost Insufficient validation of 'SandBox' driver input buffer[/b]


Outpost insufficiently protects its driver \Device\SandBox against a manipulation by malicious applications and it fails to validate its input buffer. It is possible to open this driver and send arbitrary data to it, which are implicitly believed to be valid. It is possible to assemble the data in the input buffer such that the driver performs an invalid memory operation and crashes the whole operating system. Further impacts of this bug were not examined.
Vulnerable software:

* Outpost Firewall PRO 4.0 (964.582.059)</blockquote>

Goes for version 3.xx also, and they are not even having this sandbox thingie ;D