i just installed comodo & i can’t access my email server from outlook. Please help

Do you get any error-message?

Does the logs say something?

I am experiencing the same problem. Logs show nothing and I get and error on outlook 0x800ccc0e.

I do use Kaspersky Personal Pro 5.0.522. I can get email if I set Comodo to allow all.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, I would think that the Kapersky real time e-mail monitor is keeping Comodo from seeing it. Try to disable this and see. There is now as with norton, the in depth file monitor and I think Kaperksy has this, but they seem to be blocking other security apps from running. Disable it from scanning Comodo CPF if possible.



Yes I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal. When I stop that program my email is allowed in by Comodo. Comodo will NOT allow Kaspersky to access the internet even when I tell it to allow. I’ve also added Kaspersky (& Outlook) in the Application Monitor of Comodo with the same, no email, results. How can I have a good firewall AND Kaspersky Anti-Virus?