Outlook PST Restore

Hi Huys,

Please please help. I have backed up my pst files, both current outlook.pst plus an archive .pst with Comodo version and during the December break my pst’s got corrupted. Now I want to restore the ones backup up. After a restore outlook says that the files are not valid.

Can anyone assist as this is literally life and death.


Can anyone please assist? Please? >:-D

Hi EddieTaute,
This sounds serious and I am not sure what has happened, but the following external links might help.
Answers Microsoft-When trying to open Outlook I’m receiving error messages .pst file not valid or cannot be found
Office Microsoft-Repair Outlook Data Files

Good luck and kind regards.


Did that already, scanpst.exe does not recognise the file and no data can be recovered.

I subsequently tested this will other pst files and the same thing happens to all restored pst files, thus the problem I believe is with the Comodo Backup? Any other proposals?

Hi EddieTaute,
I admit I am not to sure about this issue.
Considering that you have had no other replies and the fact that this is important to you I have asked Comodo Staff to take a look at this topic.

Sorry that is all I can offer.

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

Please run a verification for the cbu backup file, to make sure it’s not corrupted.


Just did that and it says: The backup image has been verified successfully