Outlook files backup issue - will not backup after first time.

I have Comodo Backup set to incremental and to copy with deleting other than source files. Interestingly it will only backup my outlook.pst file if it does not exist on the destination. The file changes throughout the day and it is not backed up ever again. It is not a system file, it is not hidden. Archive bit is set. I can copy it myself. I can ftp it from another product with no problem. It simply gets ignored unless it does not exist on the destination.

I have three backups, USB flash drive, external hard drives (via FTP), and an offsite FTP. All three backups ignore the outlook.pst file. I have verified the file is not open at the time of backup. I have verified the file is not locked.

Any ideas?

I am running Vista Home Premium 64-bit fully patched. I am running Norton Internet Security 2008 and have it set to allow Comodo to anything it wants. I am running 10.4.337.

Hi healerpatrick

Can you backup outlook files with Comodo Backup in another Backup mode? Try synchronization mode and see if that will work for you. Other than that make sure it is an active backup and is a service backup with the service state running on main page of GUI. Personally I have never had much success getting incremental backup to work to my satisfaction so I stopped using that mode.