Outlook Express with Comodo Firewall

Look I’m a new user, and I have a problem with Outlook Express, ie I can send emails but can’t receive them. Is there any wonderful computer whizz out there who can give me a hand. Lydjha

Assuming you have the correct settings in OE then it may be due to your email scanner. What antivirus are you using and is it set to scan your emails?


Thanks for responding. All seems to be well for the moment. I downloaded AVG and Comodo at the same time and after spending 3 hrs on the internet last night I finally got the point that I had to scan for known applications and that seemed to fix the problem but my latest problem is that Outlook Express seems to cut itself out every time after I use it. Prior to this I was using Zone Alarm. Do you have any suggestions? Lydjha

If you are using the email scanner for AVG you may need to skip advanced security checks for the AVG file.

Open CPF, click ‘security’ tab then ‘application monitor’. Then for the AVG entries right click them and choose ‘edit’.

Go to ‘miscellaneous’ tab and for each AVG entry select ‘skip advanced security checks’ then click OK. Hopefully everything will work after this.