Outlook Express Problem

Hi all. I’m one of the new guys on the block. I’ve got a problem with Outlook Express on my new Compaq Laptop. I can not download any messages. I have it networked with my two other computers. I have all three using the same account configuration. I worked with a second tier Yahoo rep for over an hour this afternoon, and he said he thinks it has something to do with Comodo. Has anyone had any similar problems??? I’m pulling my hair out, and I don’t have too much left. Any ideas???


G’day and welcome to the forums.

There’s a few bit of info we need that will help us.

  1. When you say “Comodo”, do you mean Comodo’s Firewall or Comodo’s Anti-Virus/Spyware?
  2. If you mean the firewall, can you access other internet sites with the security level set to ALLOW ALL?
  3. If you mean the firewall, are there any relevant entries inthe logs (if so, please post them here as an attachment)?
  4. If you mean the anti-virus, can you read mail from other providers?

Ewen :slight_smile: