Outlook.exe repeated pop up messages

We had a user that logs into a machine remotely in our office and they were having issues with Comodo Firewall 5 and Outlook 2003.

Ever single time they would start outlook it would pop up the following message repeatedly, and Comodo wasn’t seeming to remember the selection about the program, over and over and over.

The Message was a Outlook.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet and it would show a UDP Port.

There was another user that used the same machine some times and they never had the issue with Outlook and Comodo Firewall.

No matter what we did it would keep popping up the message - we tried at least 10 or 15 different firewall rules to try and get the message to go away.

In the end it was the shortcut the user was using to start Outlook, it was referencing “//machinename/c$/program files…” instead of “C:\program files.…Outlook.exe” after fixing his shortcut the Comodo Firewall messages went away.