Outlook 2010 in the sandbox asks for activation- Help me!

Dear Comodo colleagues,

my problem is the following.

I downloaded the free version of CIS 6.1 and I have just set my Outook 2010 to run in the Comodo Sandbox.

Now the problem is: As soon as I open Outlook in the sandbox then the Microsoft activitation wizard appears. It wants me to activate Outlook, although Outlook has already been activated. In this wizard activation per Internet and phone is possible. I have tried the two options, but none of them work out.

If I open Outlook in the normal mode then the wizard doesn´t appear.

Please tell me how can I get rid of this activation wizard in the sandbox-mode?? My Outlook is activated.

Or do I really need a new licence for using Outlook in a sandbox??? I hope not, because that would be very expensive.

Please help me in this issue. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Silvia Schiestl

Please see this bug report and see if the problem they reported is the same as what you are experiencing.

If it is then it would be very helpful if you could reply to that bug report, let them know you’re having the same problem, and provide your system information.

Also, see if the workaround helps.


Other than that please check the D+ logs to see what specific paths get blocked. Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs?