Outlook 2007

Okay, I am having some weird problem with Outlook 2007.

I initially had the Windows Firewall and AVG antivirus installed and was able to view email in outlook, both from hotmail and gmail as a pop account.

I turned off the Win Firewall installed Comodo Firewall and now I cannot view ANY email in Outlook. Not when I open the email or in the preview page…

When I turn off the Firewall, I am able to see email, but when it is on, I cannot see the email.

I have changed the rules to allow all in/out on both TCP/UDP but it is still not viewing email in Outlook…

Another Weird one, the email that I viewed in outlook before turning on the firewall I can still see, or the ones I viewed when I exited the firewall I can still view.

I am stumped on this one, any help would be AMAZING!!!

Thank you in advance, and a wonderful program!!!

Welcome at the forums.

Are you behind a router? If yes please define your trusted zone and it will fix it :wink:
Go at Tasks->Wizards-> Define a new trusted zone

Thank you for your help, and that worked for the hotmail account, but still my gmail is not working right, it shows all the emails in my account but the actual message is not there, I have tried to open it and just viewing it in the reading pane, but either way the message body is not there. From, To, and subject are all there though

Thanks again!!