Outlook 2007 will not deliver email messages

Just installed Comodo. Outlook 2007 won’t deliver my emails and returns an error message. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? Thanks.


Comodo has several products…which one did you install?


What kind of error message are you getting from Outlook?

Assuming your troubles are with Comodo Firewall: Check your logs and see if the firewall is blocking Outlook. If so, examine the details of the event - specifically the “Network control rule Id”. This could help in determining the cause.

If you are using Xp, then check the Office event logs located in the Windows event logs. Something may be revealed there also.

Check the “Application Monitor” in Comodo Firewall and look at the Outlook entry and see if the rule is set to block, ask or permit.

I use Outlook 2007 and Comodo firewall with no problems. I’m sure there is a cure for your issue, but you have to provide a little more detail.


I would personally check you have not blocked Outlook from having use to the internet i use Office 2007 and my emails come and go smothly