Outlook 2007 "The system cannot find the file specified"

Outlook 2007 throws an error when I click on a URL in a received message when IceDragon is the default browser. If I switch to Chrome as the default browser, the links work. How do I configure IceDragon such that it will work with Outlook 2007?

OS = Win7
Machine = Lenovo T510 with 4 GB
CID rev = 38.0.5


Did you try making IceDragon default browser in Control Panel → Default Programs?

I didn’t realize that making it the default browser that way was different from letting IceDragon make the change itself. I’ll try it that way.

Nope. That doesn’t change its behavior at all. No joy.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have to give up on IceDragon. I can get Outlook 2007 to work with Chrome and Firefox, but not Opera nor IceDragon. I don’t know what knob to turn to correct this, so this machine is going back to Firefox.