Outlook 2007 non connecting to Exchange server

I am experiencing some problems when I connect my laptop to the firm network in order to join the doami an access my internal mail (which is distributed through an exchange server , but i do not know which version).
A similar problem has been reported this august but i think that the cause was different.

My problem is certainly caused by comodo FW because if i disable it outlook connection is workingt perfectly.

I made a traffic capture using wireshark and i realized that there are some packets tagged protocol “KRB5” that are blocked by comodo FW iven if they do not appear in the FW log. Does anyone know a way to instruct Comodo FW to let thos KRB5 packets pass through (I have given every possible permission to the host to whom these packets are directed,but got no results).


This is just a long shot. Try disabling “Block fragmented diagrams” under Firewall → Advanced → Attack detection settings → Miscellaneous. Notice it is not recommended, so don’t forget to enable it again if it does not help.