Outlook 2007 - No Content to Back Up

Hello I’m new to Comodo, am using the simple backup features differential and incremental okay, but having trouble with Outlook 2007.

I am on Exchange Server and have 4 personal folders in addition to the usual mailbox. Running Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Professional Plus) on Microsoft XP SP 3. Running Comodo 3.0.171317.130.

Any idea what the problem is? Thanks!

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You might need to provide a bit more information about your Outlook / Exchange Server setup. Depending upon how your system is configured, CB’s report may be correct. Your mail may remain hosted on the Exchange Server, without being downloaded to your local machine. If so, then there really would be no content to back up!

Are you able to access your saved mail when your PC is not connected to the network, or to the Exchange Server? If not, then your mail is not stored on your local machine, and cannot be backed up with CB. Hopefully your system administrator keeps the Exchange Server regularly backed up!

Thank you masum, that was something I hadn’t thought of, but unfortunately didn’t fix my problem. My personal folders are on my C drive, though of course at unique specified addresses. I unplugged my network cable and was still able to access my personal e-mail folders. -bbq


Please follow https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cb/how-to-collect-debug-information-t63958.0.html so you can provide us with more information.

Thank you.

Thank you but I think I may have figured out what’s happening. My default mail folder is up on an Exchange server. I assumed my personal folders would be backed up as part of Comodo’s “Mail Accounts” facility, but possibly not. I am backing up the Exchange local folder during my normal Full, Differential and Incremental backup process, so belive I have the local mail folders covered, with the server accounts being backed up as part of the server backup process. Does this make sense? Thanks!