Outlook 2007 - no content to back up.

Thanks for the great free product! I also use the firewall too, brilliant.
The backup is fantastic for backing up my documents, but when I try use it to backup Outlook 2007, I get the following message (and can find nothing in the forums)
Gathering information
Outlook 2007 – No content to back up
Backup process failed with code 92
The backup file has no content and has been aborted.

I have Windows 7 64bit, with Office 2007 enterprise, fully updated (windows, office and comodo backup). Is it the enterprise version causing an issue? There were 2 outlook profiles set up, the first one was empty so i deleted that and renamed the 2nd one as outlook.pst. There is only one instance of it now in the registry.
There are definitely lots of emails and contacts in there!! I have not changed the location of the outlook files from default.


We found an issue on some cases on Windows 7 machines. It will be fixed for the next release.

Thank you for the feedback.