Outlook 2007 message: Trying to connect to Microsoft Exchange

After installing v3.12.111745.560 I started having problems logging onto my Exchange server. I’m running XP-SP3 and I’ve made sure that the Windows Firewall is deactivated. I’ve also added Outlook (2007) to the trusted applications and it still just sits there with the “Trying to connect to Microsoft Exchange” message.

I’ve read one thread in the archive that mentions this message and made the adjustments to the cache setting and I still have the problem; at least until I deactivate Comodo, then everything is fine. I also regain a ton of Internet speed after the deactivation.

Anyone have any ideas?

have you installed Outlook Connector?
This service is a requirement with outlook for now on.
MS made changes to their servers and now requires Outlook Connector.
You should have gotten the emails (from them) concerning this, quite a while ago.

Isn’t the Outlook Connector used for connecting to non-Exchange mail systems such as Hotmail, Gmail and the like? I’m just trying to log into a standard Exchange box and nothing else.

For giggles I loaded connector and I still can not access my Exchange server without disabling Comodo. Is there some other connector that I should install?

Any other suggestions? ???

Yes first let’s determine if it’s caused by firewall rules.
Close outlook and set firewall security level to disabled. Now start Outlook and see if it works.

If it works it’s caused by blocking firewall rules, if so go to the network security policy look for outlook.exe and see if there are block rules set for it, or else set the rule to custom so it can alert you for extra ports it needs…

It’s absolutely something to do with the firewall rules because Outlook works when I disable the firewall. Outlook.exe has rules to “allow all requests” and “allow IP out from IP Any to IP Any where protocol is Any.” I’m guessing those where set when I had previously made Outlook a trusted application.

Did you run stealth ports wizard ?
Can you please check the firewall log and see if it blocks incoming traffic ?