Outlook 2007 does not delete certificates

I’m trying to install a security certificate in Outlook 2007 / Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. It has an old and expired certificate in the trust center and a new one I’ve installed today but, notheless, when I try to encrypt a message it says that there are no certificates available. Since I do not remember if I chose the 64 bit version I’m trying to delete both certificates. When I delete them they disappear from the trust center but when I close the trust window and open it again both certificates are back…

I need help to clear both certificates and how to create a new one since my email address is already registered…

Cheers and thank you all for the help


Nobody? Just need to know where I can clear (delete) my outlook certificates. I’m doing it in Trust Center…they disappear when I confirm the delete but when I close the trust window and open it back the certificates are there again… ???

By the way, I tried to delete from IE going to the content tab, certificates, trust publishers… I can see both certificates there, the expired and the new one but the remove button is grayed and do not allow me to remove either…arghhhh !!! >:(

Never mind, I found it. You have to use certmgr.msc (certificate manager console) to be able to delete them.

Hope this helps someone with the same problem