OUTLOOK 2007 can't connect on Exchange Server

Hi to all,
I just upgraded this morning COMODO Personal Firewall from version 2.4 to 3.0 and now Outlook 2007 does not connect anymore to my Exchange server.
I trusted my office network, I gave to Outlook all authorization to access the net, but Outlook says it is disconnected from the network. All other programs work correctly (i.e I can browse the LAN, go on Internet, and so forth). If I uninstall the firewall Outlook works fine, so the problem is with Comodo. Someone else here has some suggestions? Moreover if I simply disable the firewall (Firewall security level set to “disable”) it seems the firewall still works (and Outlook does not).
My Firewall Security Level is set to “Train with Safe Mode” and Defense+ is “Clean PC Mode”.
In the firewall log I can see only a message about: “svchost.exe” ICMP blocked.
Thank you in advance for any tip you can provide me.

Not sure how different Outlook 2007 is, i use Outlook 2003 version with exchange server.

I have outlook.exe set as trusted application in both firewall application rules and in defense + rules.Everything works well for me.

If you have an antivirus that scan emails/exchange server then you may need to ensure the scanner is a trusted application also.


Thank you for you answer. Anyway I had already selected outlook.exe process as trusted and now I added also all antivirus-realted processes, but it still does not work… :cry: Should I have to open some ports directly in the firewall options? But which ones? There are no entries in the log time-related with Outlook attempt to access the Exchange server, so I do not have any clue…

Odd, must be something different about 2007 version.

Have you tried telling firewall application rules to treat Outlook as an email client?

I have just tried this and oulook 2003/exchange server still works ok.


I think the “trusted application” rules are more relaxed than the “mail client” ones. Anyway I tried this change. The issue is still there :frowning: Moreover I still do not see any information in the log about any blocked traffic when Outlook tries to access the net.

Same here with Thunderbird in 3.0. Thunderbird is a trusted application in 3.0, and there are no log entries indicating any issues, but I can nether send nor receive email. I can do both with version 2.4.

Do you have the rules set to log? The default is to not log if you have not changed anything.


Yes, it is set to logging.