outlook 2003 signature and basic funcionality of software

Hello, I 'm new user

  1. XP SP3 32 bit with newest updates, Outlook 2003 SP3, IE 7.0u
  2. NOD32 3.0, Threatfire 4.0

a) My emails signed by Commodo do not include Outlook signature like my name and goodbye. What ever I do emails are not sent with Outlook signature.

b) Is there possibilty that recipient who hasnt Commodo installed check is origin of my email valid? How?

c) Why there is no signature with outgoing mails saying something like … this email is signed by commodo you can check its validity by clicking or installing or copy pasteing some numbers into form on your webpage. whatever…

Hi, Androidd

The following replies assume that you use Comodo SecureEmail version 2.x to send your emails.
Please tell us if it is not the case.

a) Comodo SecureEmail does not replace or remove the Outlook signature.
You may check whether the Outlook signature is enabled via Outlook menu → Tools → Options → Mail Format.
See the attached picture.(1.jpg)

However, there is one specific case when your recipient receives your mail without Outlook signature.

If you do not have the certificate of this particular recipient, Comodo SecureEmail will (if configured to do so)
sign the mail with a single-use certificate.

If the recipient does not have Comodo SecureEmail installed, he will be able to see the subject of your message only.
Comodo SecureEmail User Guide contains detailed instructions on how to read such emails.

b) Most modern mail clients have this functionality.
(e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird).

For example,. in Outlook 2003 you can click the ‘signed’ icon to verify the signature, as shown in the picture attached (2.jpg)

c) We refer you to the second picture. By clicking on the ‘signed’ icon, you get access to all signature attributes, including the issuer of the certificate used to sign the email (Comodo CA Limited)

Thanks for selecting COMODO :slight_smile:

Regards, Eugene

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