Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 MAPI

I installed a trial of Secure Email version Windows XP SP3, using Outlook 2003 SP3, connecting to our Exchange 2003 STD SP2 mail server. Outlook is set up to connect to Exchange in the Exchange (default)(MAPI) mode.
I have Sunbelt VIPRE anti-malware, but turning on or off the email protection makes no difference.

Secure Email does not seem to intercept any messages sent from Outlook. If I send a message from another application using SMTP it works as advertised.

Does Secure Email work with Outlook in an Exchange environment?

Hi, Misgci

Currently Comodo SecureEmail (CSE) supports only POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols.
Exchange server support in Outlook would be added with the upcoming release of CSE 2.5 (with full CSE functionality in Outlook plug-in).
I’ll post here as soon as it would be released.

Thanks for using Comodo!

Regards, Eugene

Sounds good! Any guesstimate on a release date?

Hi, Misgci

I think the first beta would be available in January, 2009.

Regards, Eugene

Is this date still current ? I’m looking for Exchange RPC support also…

Any news on the beta with support for Exchange? I am really interested in this product.

So, again, any news on this topic?

Hi All,

Outlook Alpha available:

We expect to get another updated version released of the plug-in by end of this month.


Then I’ll wait for the next release since i can’t use this one because of the crash… :-TU

Is there any way to be notified when this plugin will be released? Is there a place on the web site to check for betas?

Yes you can find it in the CSE Beta Corner here:


Hi All,

Here are posted all news about releases of CSE:

And yes - thanks Ronny - here are posted all news about Alpha and Beta releases of CSE: