Outgoing e-mail with jpegs and illustrations

OK, I re-installed v3 three times and thought I had lost the problem of not being able to send e-mails. I have since tried to forward an e-mail with a jpeg picture in it and the original problem re occurred, which is that repeated pop ups appear checked to remember, and I click OK followed by repeated pop ups, followed by Outlook giving me an error that it can’t send the e-mail. I check in the log and each pop up is logged good to go. This is addressed to Comodo staff and I want a legitimate answer.

passed it to dev guys and i am sure they will have answers shortly

some speculation from me
I wonder if its anything to do either with using a different port or different app (of which both require authorisation).

thank you for your patience twl845


I am not Comodo staff but maybe I can help you out. I have Outlook 2003 and I get no popups when I check my mail. If you want to PM me we can try and see what is the cause of the snafu get it fixed until the devs get to it.


Hi Melih, Thanks for responding. I am not the only one afflicted with the problem. Looking through the posts there are a number of people using Outlook and Outlook express who can’t send e-mail at all. I, after installing 3 different ways at least can send simple text e-mails now. As far as I know my problem is sending e-mails with pictures included.

yes indeed, there are few affected due to email issues.
A forum user suggested that it could be due to our default setting not having some ports 995 and 587 I believe set.

did you get anywhere by adding these?

Those ports are indeed missing from “My Port Sets”. I added them, and will let you know if they do the trick, after I am sure they did or not.

Thank you for your patience and help twl845. We really appreciate it.


I initially added the ports 995 & 587 as you instructed, and tried to send an e-mail with pictures in it. It failed immediately. I thought about it and re-booted my computer. I re-sent the above e-mail and it went OK. I have sent out a half dozen additional e-mails to be sure, and I am cautiously certain that was the answer to the problem. The key is to re-boot after adding the ports. Thank you for your quick response and solution!

great to hear!

We will be adding these in our default settings in the next release.
thank you for your patience and help twl845.