Outgoing Connections

I happened to notice that I have alot of outgoing connections.I just checked them today and there were 93,that’s right,93 outgoing connections.The odd part is as soon as I click on the out going connections to see what they are they start to rapidly disconnect.Is my computer being hacked?

You can download CCleaner (Easier for beginners) or Comodo System Cleaner and see what runs at startup and optionally block them.

I will also advise Comodo Cloud Scanner to scan your running processes quickly, it will tell you if you are infected or potentially infected.

You do regular scans with Comodo AV?

Comodo Firewall is configured correctly?

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What program are most of the outgoing connections listed under? If it’s your browser, it’s not uncommon for that many connections to build up while surfing the web, streaming videos/media, downloading, etc.

Also, how many tabs to you normally keep open? That can greatly affect the number of connections.

IE8 is what it is under and I usually only keep one tab open.

The part of Comodo that shows connections has always suffered from extreme lag. It has always shown connections as still open long after they have been terminated.

I can understand there being some lag,but I can click on internet explorer and go to my home page and there will be 15 outgoing connections.I can just sit there at the homepage and the connections start piling up without me surfing anywhere.