Outgoing Connections

I have Comodo installed on two computers, a Sony Vaio laptop, and a Gateway desktop. I use Google Chrome and Firefox (latest versions) for interet access. I installed Comodo on both computers at about the same time. Comodo works fine on the Gateway desktop, but I have difficulty with internet access from the laptop.

When I check the outgoing connections on my laptop, there can be as many as 70+. On the Gateway I never have more than about 4 or 5 outgoing connections. I need help with the laptop


Can you provide us with a screenshot of the Active Connections?

Hi, I have the same problem, when I open a new webpage, (with any browser (explorer 8, Firefox 3 or chrome)) i see that also openingo just one webpage i have 30-40 connections lot of them with few traffic. here i post a sceenshot of th connections active when i had just this forum opened: