Outdoor Sirens Again!

So, I have none in my area. I live in New England. (:WIN) :wink:

OMG ! Another siren topic ! ;D Hey man - do you think anyone is intrested in sirens ? :smiley: Do you live near Atomic Power Plant with Chernobyl reactor (we have one in our country) or in a War Zone ? ;D

Well there’s folks on youtube that like 'em :wink:

Come on resa343, time to own up. What’s the deal with the sirens? Give us an answer… or I have good idea for a poll… ;D

What’s resa343’s beef with sirens?

  • Works in local government or something & needs to buy one.
  • Has shares in a siren company.
  • Owns a siren company.
  • Has a siren, or sirens, to sell.
  • Makes the polls to stick sirens on. (pun intended)
  • Makes them as a hobby.
  • Is the guy that posts all the siren stuff to YouTube.
  • Siren fetish.

Means he’s living near a power plant with a Chernobyl reactor which is in a war zone (kinda like Stalker ;D) and does all the stuff Kail wrote ;D

I didn’t knew that was happening in New England ;D

I live on the death star!

well we do have a siren around here that goes off every once in a blue moon, but I have absolutely no idea what “kind” it is…all I know is that it’s LOUD

Lol, I like my local tornado sirens they’re new and loud :smiley: and loud and very loud. Tis cool cause they have solar panels on them too.

Same here in Aussie…

We have some warning siren where I live. It’s on the roof of a house, so I’ll climb up and check what kind of siren it is (:WIN)

There are 2 Federal Thunderbolt 1003s in Grafton, MA :slight_smile:

If you love sirens go to Texas (Tornado state) or even better go to Baghdad!..

actually try south east and north east nebraska along with oklahoma. That is where alot of the tornadoes happen :slight_smile:

coool! (:KWL) I really like Tornado’s… but I thought the big tornado’s always crossed Texas… but I could be wrong…

Last I was aware of Tornado Alley was all the way from south dakota all the way to texas…

Yes! that is what I mean… Tornado alley! hmmm I should send some androids someday to investigate this strange phenomenon… on my planet the Death Star there are no tornado’s!..hmmmm

dude, theres no apostrophie in tornadoes 88)

triple x, if you have access to a spaceship, why not investigate this storm? 88)

I know about this storm… It is said that this storm is the biggest in our solar system… And I had to know this the hard way:

When I came across this planet with the Death Star, some stupid android said there was something interesting to look at and we drove the space ship near that interesting thing… but we came too close and the Death Star looked into its own death! funny, death star, death… anyway that storm was enormously big! it almost sucked the Death Star into death… luckily I destroyed the stupid android and steered away from the danger… phew… Now I am looking at the storms on earth… they are friendlier to investigate…

nice bedtime story is it not? anyway I enjoyed it! (:LGH)