outbound traffic with Vista SP2

first ver 4.0 now ver 5.0 Firewall does not monitor outbound traffic. Does not block any programs even though they are not on trusted vendor and NOTHING shows up on outbound connections except “System” What am I doing wrong? for now I am forced to stay with ver 3.14

Can you show a screenshot of My Active Connections?

Did you do a clean install of CIS v5? Did you by any instance import an old configuration of v3 or v4 in v5?

I can’t provide a screenshot because I have uninstalled and gone back to version 3.14 This problem originated with ver 4. My active connections shows nothing except “system” even though many programs are actively connected. Microsoft outlook, google chrome, etc. Comodo firewall never asks about any outgoing connections. I upgraded to ver 5 on my old XP box and it works fine. Yes I did do a clean install.