Outbound Leak

I just upgraded Comodo FW on my PC from 3.14 to 4.1. It appears that 4.1 allows any application to connect to the internet through the proxy specified in the default browser without asking for permission. I had to manually configure Comodo FW to block each of them.

It just looks as if Comodo FW thinks that they are browsers, like my IE8 and Firefox, which it just let through without asking for permission and do not appear in the Network Security Policy.

Not sure it is a feature or bug. If it is a feature, its a dangerous one. I am using free version 4.1.150349.920, btw.

It does this in safe mode from the trusted software vendors list to make it easier.
But if you use custom policy mode then you decide how it connects.
You have to make custom rules or just let it decide from who signed the apps.
It did this the same with the other version as well until you changed to custom mode and make your own rules.