Out the box settings

Is CIS good to go with the out the box settings?

I’m an average Joe user looking for fewer pop-ups - keep away from the Dark-Side.

May The Force be with us!


Yes the default settings are just fine. Just uncheck the toolbar installer. Out of the box settings will give you virtually no pop ups except when you are installing and or running something new to your system.


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In my opinion - No, because CIS doesnt monitor everything (For example keylogging)
If CIS fully protects you out of the box then they wouldn’t bother with those extra settings you can enable for “Proactive” defense…

CIS out of the box will still provide more security compared to other suites thanks to defense+, But it isn’t as good as it could be without tinkering with the settings.

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Out of the box setting is good for usage of different user.
For Safer or Compatible.

I suggest Proactive security.

Since you can never be too secure… =)

:-TU I agree. Out-of-box is ok, it’ll give you the bare minimum protection… but I would not recommend it.

Out of the box settings are fine.

When you install CIS with the AV, It allows Comodo to skip some checks for Defense+. AV is a HUGE differentiator. Say you opt out the AV during installation, Firewall Security policy will be applied - in any case, CIS is still strong.

Assume keylogger is trying to log your keystrokes, CIS will prevent it. Assume it is already executed and trying to log bank details for example, the firewall will catch it anyway. All those checks (DNS Client Service, Monitor Keyboard, etc) are unchecked because CIS is there to prevent PERMANENT damage. And all the check points are kept to prevent this.

CIS is fine out of the box, And have acceptable security with acceptable user experience. Comodo needs to keep this balance until they reduce the pop ups.


I’m with Kyle!

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve checked everything to see what happens whilst I am trialling it before deciding to install it on the kids’ PCs.

Whatever I give the kids has to be as pop-up free as possible albeit a certain number of pop-ups is good to keep them focused!

Very impressed so far.


Are Kyles settings guides for v3.8 still going to be relevant for v3.9 when the Final Candidate is released in the near future or will he come up with a new set?.

They will still be relevant.

Thanks John.

I just had to reboot for an update.

What was it for?

Is this usual?


Here’s the answer:

When updating from 498 RC2 to 499 disable all ARP cache protection.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on that thread.