out of disk space

Please help!

whats the name of snapshots of CTM?
Pc where is CTM running is out of disk space!

Please help me. I’m not on thic PC already.
I need to tell people which files they should delete.


Please be very careful now, making the wrong moves can severely harm your data.

Can you please post your CTM version you are using?
Can you please make sure you have a current backup of your data on an other medium then your current drive!

If you open CTM how many snapshots does it show?

Main problem ist… Since few days CTM asks me for password which I didn’t set.

So I can’t see how many snapshots are taken.

unfortunately I’am not on this PC right now… And PC isn’t working properly and about 8 people are out of work :frowning:

I send my mail on PM

Yes, data are on networ drive.


I think we need someone from Staff to assist here…

I’m just a volunteer mod, and I don’t think it’s normal that it starts asking for a password all of a sudden.
Are you sure nobody has set one? then if so it might be a bug in combination with the “out of disk space” message windows generates.

You also can’t access the snapshots via the Windows CTM GUI maybe in safe-mode?


I solved my problem.
I fixed mbr (withwindows rescue) and uninstalled CTM.
I’ll see if I will instal it again.

best regards

AFAIK these issues have been fixed in 2.9b which is used by most users now.
They find it more stable then the 2.8 release. Of course it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to re-use it.