Out of curiosity, is x64 support coming soon?

Forgive me father, for I have sinned… It has been a while since my last backup… I could just pull-down robocopy and get 'er done… but I’m not in a batch file mood

Using the firewall life-cycle as an example…

  • WinXP x86
  • Vista x86
  • WinXP & Vista x64

Is is safe to assume that with Backup, we have hit stage 2, and x64 versions are right around the corner?

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Reason: Out-Dated post.


Seeing as the new version still hasn’t added x64 support, I fail to see how the question is unrelevent/out-dated.

If it’s a one post thread, then why not just delete it? Locking it to ensure no response is just as ignorant.