Our "Privacy" is always being challanged

Our Privacy is always being challanged, especially when large corporations keep modifying the rules ! Last summer it was Facebook and now Google wants to make your email address available to anyone. At least they left an easy out but you have to look for it.

Noticed today that Microsoft did not have all the updates this morning and this evening the malware tool update included an agreement that needed to be clicked Yes before the download would start.

Here is a link from the Kim Kommando news letter concerning Google Gmail and another about the Facebook changes this past summer.



The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool makes you consent to an additional agreement because it shares some personal data with third parties. The tool itself is Useless BullSh!t that is why I always hide the update and never install it.

I’m anti-Facebook and where I do have 5 Gmail accounts they are are fake with bogus details so Google can share away.

Your right UncleDoug large corporations keep modifying the rules to their profit and our loss of privacy.

I’m also not on Facebook, probably for the same reasons as you - their tactics with people’s information and photos.

I think I installed the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool just recently as one of the Windows Updates.

Is it best to remove this, especially going by a factor you’ve brought up about Microsoft sharing some personal data with third parties?, and

How do I remove it?

If your using an effective AV and other tools such as Malwarebytes to scan your computer it is truly useless in my opinion.

If you want to remove it simply search and locate Mrtstub.exe in the root of you hard drive and delete the file. Done.

I too had a question.
I always establish this announcement.
But at me no, this file (Mrtstub.exe) from Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool ???
You can explain in more detail.
Where to find it?
The truth of CIS blocks to this (updating) to it access to memory.

It is a standalone .exe file so all you need to do is delete it

Check under —> C:\WINDOWS\System32'MRT.exe’

Thanks for the tip.

Intriguingly, I found 2 identical files of Mrtstub.exe, which I have now removed.

Thank you very much. :-TU
I removed it.
This file appears in OS at the first installation of this updating?