"our current settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded"

i just downloaded an installed real player an signed up wit superpass. after launching real player an tryin 2 sign in2 my superpass acct., i keep gettin this message: “your current settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded”. how do i fix this? my default browser is firefox, i hav adblock plus on firefox, i use comodo firewall, i hav vista. i hav been told that tha problem is my firewall settings. how do i allow realplayer / superpass access? ty

Open CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy

Check whether Real player in inadvertently blocked there… If yes, double click the entry and use a predefined entry ‘trusted application’ OR delete the entry and run real player, which will give you an alert and give your answer as ‘Allow’ with ‘remember my answer’

Hopefully it helps

It sounds more like a UAC problem to me? From which application are you receiving the message, firefox?

How do you login to super pass account?