So I uninstalled CIS 3.8 BETA because I was having issues with the firewall even though I chose not to actually install it, anyway thats another topic. So my first course of action was to uninstall the program to see if this corrected the situation. This actually caused more issues then I was expecting. I don’t know how or why but by me uninstalling CIS 3.8 it disables my NIC. Meaning I could not access the internet or my personal network. I tried a few different things. When I went into device manager it said that everything was fine, but it still would not work. I could not figure out what to do, luckly I had set a restore point earlier that day when I was updating a different program, and I had to revert to that restore point. I don’t know how many people have had this issue but this is what worked for me and I wasn’t very impressed with it. This is just a heads up for Comodo to fix this problem. Thanks guys.

Sorry for your problems.

The 3.8 version is a beta version and is not really made for running on production machines.
Also CIS is known to course some problems if you tries to uninstall it with the D+ module ON.
Usually you have to put it to off or safemode or it will block the uninstallation, in pure self defence!
Anyway, cheers. Glad to hear you had a restore point!

(:LOV) (:HUG)