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Please, activate “Scan for unsafe entries to delete” by default within the Registry Cleaner. Less experienced users could use the extra safety net.

I’ll think of more later, but the community may feel free to use this topic for anything that they can come up with to make the program better.

Hi BaiginLong,

Actually it is quite the opposite.
There has been a fair bit of discussion already on this one.

They just can’t get the wording right.
Scan for unsafe entries to delete - means - Scan for entries that are, not safe to delete.

It was hidden away and unchecked by default, for the use of advanced users, as may cause
system problems.


Oh so, it’s not a filter?

When the “Scan for unsafe entries to delete” box is checked, the registry cleaner scans for and lists entries that me be unsafe if they are deleted. So, the box is unchecked by default.

The current wording of “unsafe entries to delete” is ambiguous and NOT self explanatory. Since the release of CRC, I have seen a ton of posts from users who are confused by this…Comodo really needs to fix it. Here is a way to resolve this confusion:

Get rid of “unsafe entires to delete” and to re-phrase the settings checkbox like this:

“Show entries for advanced users (WARNING: deleting these entries may cause harm to your computer)”

Then, in the reg cleaner results window, list the entries under this heading: “entries for advanced users (WARNING: deleting these entries may cause harm to your computer)”

The wording I suggest is self explanatory and is explicitly clear that deleting these entries may not be safe, and that you should stay away from this option if you aren’t advanced!

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