Other programs locked up


When I load the latest free 64 bit version, and then start the computer, all my other programs won’t start at all after comodo loads. It’s like it goes through the boot sequence, loads certain programs, then comodo, then stops. I know I’ll need to add some more info but don’t know what.


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Have you tried placing CIS in training mode then restart Windows?

As you have mentioned, we would like to have some details on

  1. What’s the name of the Comodo product you have installed
  2. What’s the version of the Comodo product ?
  3. Whats is your operating system. Is It Vista Or XP ?
  4. Do you have anyother security softwares installed on your PC ?
  5. Does the issue occurs in windows safe mode ?


Restarting in training mode didn’t work.

Comodo Firewall (free)
Vista 64
Avira antivirus
It doesn’t happen in safe mode.

Need to find out whether its a conflict.

  1. Uninstall Comodo Firewall and Avira
  2. Install Comodo Firewall Alone alone from safe mode and check whether all your programs load in windows normal mode.
  3. Then install avira and check whether all your programs work now
  4. update us with the reults


sorry about the delay, trying the last solution ended with the same results. It just stops w/ comodo. The other icons show on the desktop, but don’t work. They don’t show in the tray.

do you mean that issue reproduced after installing CIS or after installing Avira ?

after installing cis in safe mode. then restarting in normal.

We Are Going To Disable All The Thirdparty Startup Items To Check Whether CIS Is Causing The Issue Or Not
Open The System Configuration Utility
Disable All The Startup Items Except CFP
Hide All Microsoft Services And Disable All Except Comodo Internet Security Helper Service
Apply The Settings Restart The PC And Check
Update Us The Results

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same results. also, the computer is not wanting to shut down by itself. I have to force it.