Other PCs blocked as of today

Hi All, last night before shutting down (win8.0 local) I could see my remote PC (win8.1) on the Ethernet network. This morning I can’t.

I checked all the adapter settings etc and nothing had changed. After about 30-minutes of frustration, I turned off CIS at both ends and instantly, I can see and access the PCs from either end.

I suspect there was a CIS update this morning as I have that set for checking daily and auto-install. I have windows update set for “download but ask to install” so it was not a win update.

I have tried everything I can think of with CIS but I cannot see the other PC unless I disable the Firewall both ends.

This is ■■■■■■ frustrating and annoying as I have changed NOTHING on either PC since turning them off last night.

Can someone please help with this.

p.s. My TightVNC can see and connect from either direction so the links are there, just being blocked by CIS it seems for windows Network.

hello sweetvlx, I’m not so sure this is a comodo update issue, as it sounds like a rule has been learned or made, preventing the machines on the lan from connecting to each other. Is it possible for you to post screenshots of both your global and application rules? Under application rules specifically, expand the ruleset (system) so that the rulesets listed for (system) are included in the screenshot.