Other operating systems

I was reading recently that various distributions of Linux are becoming very popular and as a result I have been dabbling with Ubuntu which I have found very pleasing and easy to use. It struck me that if Linux continues to gain “adherents” it will soon be targeted by hackers and virus writers and the like.

Would it not, therefore, be in Comodo’s interest as well as that of Linux users if Comodo started making security software for Linux and get into the market before others do?

I have also been dabbling with Windows 7 and have found it far too “fussy”, so much so that I am seriously considering wiping Windows XP from my computer and replacing it with Linux rather than Windows 7 (which will doubtless be far too expensive) when the final release of Win 7 is available

I think it’s a great idea, it would certainly help Comodo become more well-known and popular. :slight_smile:

A lot of people have wanted Comodo to make a CIS for Linux version, however, that would require tons of development. And right now, Linux isn’t receiving as near as much attention as Windows or Mac…

As a NEW user of Win7’s earlier version called Vista Home Premium SP1 with my system in my sig. Not a heavy user nor programmer or gamer, just a simple user with some background in desktops and started working with computers on a 64bit 19" main frame Data General Digital system using an old type of Teletype for input. Moved to desktops and Win3.1, to make a story a bit shorter, skipping over Win2000 and a few of the other server type. I do like this Vista because of the security requirements for passwords for elevation of access, can see where it could get to be a pain in the fingers needing to make all of those extra entries, but; SECURITY is really what we want and that goes along with the need to keep yourself and your system as protected as possible, redundant? YES, if you do not go with SECURITY then expose your system and yourself to whatever can get into your system and bite the bullet.

Linux is pretty secure, but; as long as you have human involved in creation of the software there will be vulnerabilities and holes that can be used to penetrate the system. When Linux becomes as common as Windows expect them to be used as Windows is now.

That is my $.02 worth, now for my $.05s worth, Comodo has shown it’s worth and quarantined some of my problems in the last few weeks that have been passed over by not just one but several AV programs as well as several Malware programs, true there were a couple Comodo missed but were picked up by some of the Malware programs. No ONE program is perfect or all powerful, you just need to keep yourself as protected as you can.

Thank you for reading my rambling poster toasty,

developing Comodo products for less popular operating systems would be nice but might that not put pressure on the developers to start charging for what are currently free applications, in order to pay for the extra work and man hours involved? Iif the answer to that is “yes it would”, then I certainly wouldn’t want to see Comodo supporting Linux.

However, if they can develop a Linux version and still keep it free then of course that would be great.