Other AV

Can I use Comodo together with Avast on my android? I know rules for PC ‘use only one av’. But what about androids? The same right? Anyone had conflict with 2 av’s before?

The same rules apply to Android. (It is after all a computer).

Just wanted to confirm since there is no info online about this. Thanks ;D :-TU

Yes you can as a phone is not a computer. You can have as many as your storage will allow.

John Buchanan: “The same rules apply to Android. (It is after all a computer)”.

I’m confused.com ???

Won’t you have any conflicts?

Nope I run Avast and Comodo no problem it might take a second or so longer to boot up from a cold/warm restart but once it has loaded your good to go. I am running a 600mhz processor on gingerbread 2.3.5 so if your phone is quicker your laughing. Ah a fellow Brit @ confused.com :slight_smile:

I have been running like this since they where both in beta as I could not decide which one to keep so I kept both!

I see. Thank you. Yeah ;D :-TU

Oh B.T.W. That USSD problem via PM it has been covered weeks ago! Only one way to go.

Cool. Thanks :slight_smile: :-TU