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I’m a new user of Comodo firewall and I want to param it to allow several applications and block the others.
How it’s possible to define one rule which block all other applications

Thank you for your answers


Anyone have an idea ?


Are you referring to Defense+, prevent most applications from running, but only allow a few?
Or the Firewall itself? Would this be incoming, outgoing or both?

Not to be a ■■■ or anything, but there is a help button under the Misc tab of comodo, if you look there it will show you how to do exactly what you want. It seems today people don’t even try looking in the help files anymore. That is what people did before forums and the internet was popular, they always looked at the instructions to see how something worked.


I’m referring to the firewall and I don’t see on the help how to define several application and to block all others.

It’s for that, I post on this forum

Firewall → Common Tasks → Define a New Blocked Application.