OS Support and CFP

Hi all!

I would like to know if CFP 3 will support Windos 2008 Server. Not for me, I use WinXPSP2, but, others vendors, like Jetico, are alreading supporting this system. By the way, Jetico support 32/64 bit of Vista, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Win2000.

And, about Win2000, is it so the different when compared with WinXP, to CFP 3 doesn’t support it anymore? Many friends of mine that use Win2000, and don’t have plans to upgrade…

Anyway, a big thanks for this great piece of sotware! :BNC

2003 Server is already planned but win2000 i doubt it. Comodo is more then a firewall so it probably requires certain resources which aren’t availlable in 2000.