OS integration

So tell me, am I trully asking that much for having CIS with UI and GUI that fits system? Or it is just cool and trendy to have (G)UI form another galaxy at other side of the universe? CIS is the only app in my system that looks like facehugger sticked on it’s face.
I regret MS don’t have policy for app’s GUI like Apple: other they will fit system, or you can go fishing.

What do you mean?
When I take a look at MSE, it doesn’t look much like another app…
You don’t like red? I think you can change the theme.

Red is long gone, blue looks nice (with thanks to mindlessmissy)

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MSE looks like Win app. CIS looks like… app.
I don’t want to change color. I want to change entire GUI.
Take Outpost is an example how should CIS looked from the beginning.

how does Outpost look like? I think CIS 5 looks sexy and dam cool:)

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Everyone is entitled to post there views and opinions, whilst they do not include insults.


jp10558 is also entitled to express his “views and opinions” and that it exactly what he did, while not writing any personnal attack against anybody.

What the… ? I wrote that too!

First of, I never said I don’t like new GUI. And second, I never said Comodo should copy Outpost’s GUI. Learn to read.

There are three main system’s themes:

  • Aero Glass (Aero Basic is using the same resources)
  • XP
  • Classic

“Just” add mechanism for detecting system’s theme and use system’s resources. Another benefit would be lighter impact on system itself.

A great example of native Win7/Vista application is new Trillian 5:
For GUI, it’s using only resources provided by system.

ah ok… so, you don’t like the borderless window?
I don’t mind, CIS did it right, like Steam.

Not only that.
Here are some constructive ideas:

  1. (UI) Uper bar (FW, D+, etc.) should use bar like Windows Explorer. It also reduce required space. For Win7 it would be white, in Vista black (practicaly as it is now).
  2. (GUI) Use of system’s border.
  3. (GUI) Use of system’s grahics, Aero Glass (if aplicable) as well.

Not really sexy…
Microsoft didn’t even do it for MSE…
Ho well… everyone is free to state his idea :slight_smile:

Doing the programs too similar to OS itself makes users confused to what program is displaying popups, OS itself or a 3rd party program. That’s why it’s good to have them a bit colorful even if they don’t fit together too well.

Being colorful is one thing, being completely different is another.

I agree with RejZoR, a security alert needs to get attention, not get lost in the crowd.

I think CIS good as it is:) The AV can have some more options:)

Sorry but i don’t see anything wrong with CIS interface. Just look at all teh other vendors. PCTools, Symantec, McAfee, AVG, avast!, AVIRA, Panda each is driving their own design.
For as long as the design is consistent across entire interface, i don’t see anything wrong with being different than the design of Windows OS itself.

I never said it’s wrong. What I’m saying is it should fit system styling.

There’s really no rule for that as i’ve stated above. Some try to make it as similar as Windows GUI, others go the other way. For as long as it’s properly done i don’t really care which way it is…

I really hope MS will force devs to make apps look native, just like Apple is doing it with Mac.

Why again? Trust me, you don’t want what Apple is doing.