OS Install

I have 2 HP Laptops.

HP Pavilion DV4T 64 Bits Vista Home Premium preinstalled (Got no OS CD) There was an offer that time that Win 7 Home Premium upgrade CD will be provided free. I got the CD & did a clean install i.e format & install, no upgrade. Everything went fine.

HP Pavilion DV3T 64 Bits Win 7 Home Premium preinstalled (Got no OS CD) Now I want to do a fresh install i.e format & install.
Can I use the Win 7 Upgrade CD mentioned above with which I did a fresh install i.e format & install on that laptop to do a fresh install i.e format & install on this laptop? I have the licence key of Win 7 Home Premium installed on this laptop.

*Format here I mean the Win 7 CD has a format option in the install advance options.

Here is a link

I think its legal & can be done with no probs.

I would ask Microsoft.

Sevenforums.com and Microsoft.com are the places to be asking these questions.
Sevenforums.com has given you your answer. It is wrong to come here expecting a different answer.
Please follow the advice given you.

It’s legal only if you have a separate license key other than the one installed or if the license key you have installed is valid for a number of systems. You can use it to format and install, but the license key would have to be different.
I don’t see anything wrong asking again here. We are in the process of widening our views by gathering as much opinion as we can concerning the question. This is after all the General Discussion Anything and Everything Section. If we can’t ask anything and everything here, it defeats the whole purpose of the section.

In any case, it’s a matter we generally should be aware of (it is in the license agreement). Out of place, true, but that doesn’t mean a friend can’t ask a friend what he thinks of it. Just my thought.

Yes the licence key is different. So I can install it.

One more query…

The system has a recovery partition. And HP has a software to transfer the recovery partition to USB on the products driver/software page of my system.

So I can transfer the recovery partition to USB & if anything goes wrong during/after clean install, I can use the USB to recover the system to the factory setting, right?

A little late, but what the heck. Someone might want to know.

That I cannot be entirely sure. But as far as I’m aware of, the recovery partition only covers the main system files, those needed for your OS to boot (which would explain the small size) under the assumption that the original OS is still there, and therefore, it will not restore the system if the original OS has been formatted. Which means, if the install has begun (and with the process being that it formats the partition first), there’s no turning back.