orphaned task bar button ( XP ) - Minor annoyance

If you right click on the CBO icon, then Configure>Finished>Closs this Menu, an “orphaned” “active” task bar button stays in the tray with only the CBO Icon on its left hand side.

Right or left clicking on the button has no effect - it won’t go away. CBO continues to function as advertised, with the Systray icon present and active.

I don’t have that problem :-\

Greetz, Red.

I shut down CBO via the systray icon and it goes away. Restarting CBO and then replicating the sequence of commands and it doesn’t do it !

Sort of a similar problem to the “mystery shudder / rattle” in your car which NEVER occurs when you are trying to show it to the auto mechanic ;D

Given the simplicity of an uninstall/reinstall with CBO, have you tried that? I don’t experience this either; perhaps something happened on install …

Just to make sure, too, you must install under Admin/Owner privileges, and if on Vista, select “Run as Admin” for the application.