Orkut Banned

One of my friend is in trouble.
When he trys to open orkut he gets a message-‘your orkut is banned’ with a sound hahahaha…
Please help


I think ‘Anti Virus/Malware Products’ is wrong section to post in.
Also, usually people get banned for a reason, so I guess your friend’ve done something which is against the rules to deserve the ban.


When types orkut.com and click enter button then a window comes saying your orkut is banned with a sound hahahaha…and explorer window closes soon after.

I think this may be some malware. Perhaps the best way forward would be for your friend to install ‘hijack this’, run a scan and post the log file here.


Also, there may be a solution here:


Also all the hidden files are missing.They ara all gone.
Iam sure that its an virus because when trys to open orkut site, it says"orkut is banned you fool".
This happens soon after taking orkut.com.
One more thing my friend is also using mozilla.


Have you tried looking at the links N.T.T.W provided?
And please post a HijackThis log.
Else, all you can do is, run antivirus scan(I recommend Avira), Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware and maybe some other anti-malware scanners.