Original & Powered Security Products

I have tested & compared quite a few products. The detection rate is different i.e Original products detects more than Powered products. Signature versions number are also different. I am talking of Local signatures protection/detection only, no BB, Cloud etc…as most products only use Local signatures & no other features of Original products. And I am talking of only Free products that use Local signatures of Top products.

Even Bitdefenders Free Cloud AV suppose to provide the same protection/detection detects less than Bitdefender paid (signatures test only)

The only powered product provides same protection/detection as the Original is UnThreat Free. The signatures versions number is also same on both. Sometimes there was difference in detection but it was just 1-2 malware (I dont remember exactly but think coz UnThreat ignores some low risks, guess PUP, that they find not really malware. Manual scan detects these but by default is set to ignore & if I remember correctly, for realtime protection it can be set to detect low risk items.)

Details -

Bitdefender AV signatures detection compared to Bitdefender signatures powered products details below -
Roboscan - Tested & compared quite a few times, detects less than BD.
360IS - Tested & compared 4 times, detects less than BD.
AdAware - Tested & compared 2 times, detects less than BD.

BitDefender Cloud AV Free - Tested & compared 3 times, detects less than BD.

Vipre AV signatures detection compared to Vipre signatures powered products details below -
Previous AdAware (Vipre Powered) - Previously tested & compared 3 times, detects same as V atleast in my tests, minor difference may be there if AA too does something like Unthreat mentioned above.
Unthreat - Tested & compared quite a few times, detects same as V. Rest detail mentioned above.

BD shows different signatures/databases version number, RS shows different, 360 shows different, all shows different.

Vipre, AA & UT shows same signatures/databases version number.

Perhaps you should give a proper definition of “Original” and “Powered” Security products.

Wondering if naren means they use there own engine vs buying / licensing someone else engine to use in there product, thats what he seems to be saying to me :-\

So many products seem to be using another engine, as soon as one ‘original’ product does really well in tests for a period of time and becomes latest security superstar all there ‘Powered’ products jump on the bandwagon to and change there engines over to it, I’m sure it makes malware authors job easier to exploit weakness in many security products and pass malware undetected as they all using same engine!

At least as far as we know COmodo is using its own engine, so thats a plus for all us CIS users, would be dreadful if Comodo used Bitdefender or similar 88)

Details added on first post.

their deal must be like that. Because no one wants to give their samples to other AV’s >:-D

Because of this I think Bitdefender says to other AV’s ,which uses BD engine, “I will give you my samples after 2 months” maybe ;D You got my point ?

if BD does not do this no one use BD they go to Qihoo, AdWare and roboscan etc.(for free)
And not only Bitdefender. All other vendors do this. :-TU