I was so happy to find these products, i have been looking for a new antivirus/firewall for a while. So I get them , install them, like them so far, BUT they want an authorization number
I received no emails from comodo and so I contacted tech support,in order for them to give me the authorization number they wanted an order number… they said " even though the product is free, you will have an order number". Now my question is, how would I have an order number without ever receiving an email. Also when you click “download”, there is no mention of an order number
Might want to check into that, if it happens to a lot of people, i’m sure they’ll get as annoyed as i am
BUT good job on the products, hopefully we get this worked out

Hi and welcome,

If you ordered from the Comodo website you would have entered your name and email address then be sent to an order confirmation screen which would have your order number on it.

You may want to try to get another activation code in case you entered your email wrong.



Pls go and register on the website and you will get a license sent to you on an email. Pls make sure it does not get quarantined by an antispam application.
its free to get licenses, so go ahead and get it.

If this fails and u don’t get it (then pls tell us here.)


nope just tried it again for the 4th time, i enter my name and email address, the small download screen pops up, and the main page changes and that page says “cannot be displayed”, so i get the download, that page never loads and no email :frowning:

I just applied on your behalf.
it should be sent to your email address :slight_smile:


i appreciate you doing that, not sure what’s up really, for the firewall i get the 2146697211 and for the antivirus it tells me it can’t connect to the internet even though i am on cable and everything is working fine. looks like i’m jinxed

you seem to have some problem there… :frowning:


i’m just gonna uninstall, and go buy an antivirus/firewall. I appreciate this good software and the work being done on it, but you should rethink the authorization code, reading through the forums, i’m not the only one with these problems. I’m not sure what is causing this, can’t be my machine or my connection, It updates fine and works fine just won’t authorize/register, getting tired of these trial pop up messages in my face when I turn on my machine. THANKS

Licence activation program uses IE settings for internet connectivity. If you are being able to connect to internet through IE then license activation should not give connection problem. If you are using proxy connection you must update CAV after installation before trying to activate.