Orbit Downloader scanned online and found safe but sandboxed anyway.

Just installed Orbit Downloader and Comodo scanned it online and was found safe. The installation went fine and I did`t have any pop-ups from Comodo. But when I started it up for the first time it was automaticly sandboxed and I had some warnings from D+ if I remember correctly. So why does Comodo do this when it found Orbit Downloader to be safe the first time?

Difficult to say without knowing what the warnings were. Was it the installer that was determined safe, or the application?

IIRC, Orbit has a P2P component. Not running P2P applications, I’m not sure, are these normally sandboxed?

No problems here during installation or first running.
I only got Firewall pop-up about allowing outbound connection.

Proactive security / SB=On; Untrusted / D+=Safe / FW=Safe

if you got a firewall popup then there is something wron, if the file is safe then the firewall in safe mode with normal config should auto allow it

I think you always get a popup the first time something else tries to connect to it, even if the application is safe.

it seems that only the main installer was in the white-list , the issue was confirmed here on an xp sp3 machine …