Options in CFW

When asked by CFW whether to (under more options):

[i]1 Allow this request

  1. Block this request

  2. Treat the Application as: Update or Installer
    Windows System Application
    Trusted Application
    Limited Application
    Isolated Application


What happens if I choose less options which does not allow me to choose what the application is
and then allow the request. Does CFW then choose one of the above for me?

Also why does CFW sometimes only give a choice of 3 options:

                                               [i][b]Update or Installer
                                                         Windows  System Application
                                                          Limited  Application[/b][/i]


You have a request and need to choose to allow or block it in order to continue with the application. If you don’t choose remember, no rules will be made. If you do, a custom rule will be made that allows or blocks that specific request only. If you select one of the “Treat the application” options, it will generate a set of rules that will allow or block that request as well as govern future requests by your application. You should only see options that provide a block or log for the request at hand, not just another ask.

I’m not always sure whether to allow an application as trusted or updater/installer. This has been happening with my Avast AV. That is yes it is a trusted application but is it trying to update?

Also why does CFW only give a choice of 3 options sometimes as opposed to 5 options?

You should know what apps are on your machine and what they do. If you do not know what the app is that alerted D+ make sure you read it. The default pop up always says Installer or updater but only if you select that. If you simple click allow the app will run and then from there you can go into D+ dsettings and change it. Updater or Installer is more for when you are installing or updatiing an app. Remember Comodo has Firewall alerts and D+ alerts. (CLY)

Some options do not answer the request-there are a lot of “ask”'s in some of the options, so you should not be presented with options that don’t either block or allow the current request and let you get on with the application. If you decide you want to change things later, you can go to the network policy or computer policy tables and change the rules.

Vettech when you say that “Updater or Installer is more for when you are installing or updatiing an app”.

Does that include when the AV is updating its anti virus definitions?

No…not at all. Those are needed updates. I mean like if your installing a game or like me who just installed Taxcut from H&R Block. When I instslled it I got a D+ pop up so I clicked allow and changed it to installer/updater. Then Comodo switched to install mode. Updater can be used for when you are patching something. Like I just patched COD4. Understand?