Options for exe's always changing?

I’m a developer, the programs I work on always change while I’m compiling, running, and debugging.

Is there a way to mark an exe as trusted or something? In other words so that it would not do the Cryptographic Signature check? Like only check the path or something?

If not, this firewall is useless to me.

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I really don’t know, but i would try to go to security/advanced/application behavior analysis and turn it off. If it works, try to enable one at a time until it stops working.

Nope. That’s for other stuff, it didn’t make a difference. I think the Cryptographic Signature Check is always performed no matter what.

A firewall should always allow you to configure every level checking on a program, such as path only, version number only, Cryptographic Signature, and so on.

For example, I wrote this program, of course I trust it. Especially if it’s parent is the development environment it was written in and is being run from.

Other than this problem, I really like it.

I have ABA and CC disabled and I get cryptographic check when updating.
Have you tried to tick Skip Advanced security checks (screen) for your soft?

I have no idea what CC is. I’ve turned off Application Behavior Analysis.

I’ve already tried Skip Advanced Security checks, and every other setting that I can find that is even remotely in that area. I don’t think they have any way to disable the Cryptographic Signature check.

That’s too bad, I was kinda liking this software. Looks like I’ll be trying another.

Hi fishous, I have to say you will be hard pressed to allow only your exe through any firewall safely. If the exe keeps changing this is going to happen.I am not a guru in programming at all, but have you tried a scriptmap? When you link the .exe files to it and allow, even when changing the URL should be allowed as long as you don’t block the scriptmap. If this is not a valid suggestion, just ignore it. When I was into a small amount of coding, this was a tid bit I remember “roughly” about firewalls blocking. I belive you have to link the .exes with a specific name to the scriptmap as well.


ZoneAlarm does, it has a “Changes Frequently” Options, which then it just checks the exe path, and not version/signature.


Yes, ZA changed so frequently for me it wouldn’t allow me to have DSL and access to the web at the same time, lol. ;)Sorry to hear CPF didn’t work. Others may have suggestions for this if you would like to check back.


you want a CPF for developers.
pls put it in the wish list.


Well all things considered, i my self do allot of “On the side” programming and other programming for education. This is defiantly not just a “Developer” issue, unless you want to call me a developer then i have a flashy new title LOL.

cheers, rotty

the point i am trying to make is people who write code (you can call it programmer, developer or whatever you like :slight_smile: )
people who write code will need this ability.

Yes, indeed

cheers, rotty

How about an REALLY ADVANCED settings button, where you could do some tweaking… :wink:

Yes! After all, I installed the firewall because it’s MY computer and I want control over it, I don’t want a firewall limiting MY control.

There should be settings for every bit of checking that a firewall does for an app, otherwise it’s really hard to test the software and determine that it’s actually working.

Hmm, that would result in really advanced firewall settings. Nummy.


Apologies for the repost (I originaly posted this on the wishlist v4 thread)

I’ve just downloaded Comodo and I’m trying it for the first time since moving from Kerio. First impressions are very good! - well polished, clean and easy to configure.

However, I’m a software developer and I’m finding I do get pestered a lot when I compile and run an application that communicates via TCP/IP.

My suggestion is simple - I would like to turn off signature checking.

I know it forms a big part of completely securing a machine, however it’s starting to interfere slightly with my day-to-day activities. I also know that turning off signature checking wouldn’t be encouraged, but I see it as the only option.

I’ll continue to use Comodo as I think there’s a lot going for it (I might also check the betas), however, unfortunately I might have to consider moving back to Kerio if this feature isn’t added soon.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,