Option "Trust removeable Media"


considering the fact that TrueCrypt Volumes get detected as removeable media and hence cause a popup each time an application on them tries to access the internet (which gets annoying in time) it would be nice to see an option added to trust removeable media or at least set fixed paths which are always trusted.

Such option could be disabled by default to protect people with less pc experience from getting their pcs infected, but for the people who actually know what they are doing such option would surely be appreciated.


Some sort of solution of running truecrypt (or alike) drives would be useful :-TU
Doesn’t have to go for USB Drives but a file mounted as drive would be very welcome.

Please add this feature asap!

mmm identifying as on removable media and storing a hash of the exe might be a valid solution? I can understand they might also want to do path specific stuff.

Any progress on implementing this feature?

I’m setting up a new Windows 7 box and was thinking about using Comodo Firewall
but I also plan to use Truecrypt so this bug seems like a big drawback.

Will the problem still occur if all truecrypt partitions are mounted at boot?

I’m not sure, a crypted partition is different from a container… maybe give it a try?